Artwork and wall accessories are the first objects one sees when entering a room — look for pieces that suit your taste, or create your own treasures to add an especially personal touch.

Home and your office are the two most important places in the world because they are your “cocoon” of life. In these two places it is where you start and end your day, so, there should be a good beginning and end.

One of the elements in achieving an inviting and beautiful space is artwork and wall accessories. Artwork and wall accessories are the first objects you see as you walk into a room therefore, have the first impact on you. With that being said your artwork should be appeal to you setting off all kinds of emotions… inspiring, encouraging, love, kindness, calming,  and, maybe even bringing back memories from trips taken. Artwork can have a grand affect on you.

Don’t believe me? Just for fun take some pieces off one wall (if convenient) and then walk back into the room — pretty bare isn’t it? You need to “ice the cake” with beautiful and appealing artwork and wall accessories. When you see those gorgeous completed interiors in design magazines what make those rooms so beautiful is the artwork or wall accessories, they are part of the finished details.

You can purchase art in many ways. First be sure to buy what you love, what pleases your eye, no one else except maybe your spouse, significant other or, partner (this makes the world happier) but not your friends. Art is very subjective and personal. Visit your local art galleries, such as the Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Silvermine, Katonah or, your town library, these places will all have art exhibits rotating usually from month to month.

Don’t be scared off thinking of purchasing from local galleries because you will be amazed at the various price points and how affordable they can be. You can even create your own piece of art by selecting one of your favorite photos from a trip, day at the beach or a family or friend gathering then, have a local printer enlarge it to the size you want and frame it. This will truly be a treasure because it is your own creation.

Need some art inspiration? Google has just started an art gallery website with 100 of galleries in more than 140 countries that you can visit on line and get up close and personal to see even the brush strokes. By “cruising” over the internet through these various galleries you may find out what styles you like and, use that as an inspiration to create your own wall art.

Another excellent source is an art representative who will come to your home or office and can supply all types of art in various mediums from, photos, oils, water color, mixed media  and again very affordable. What is on your walls completes the space and makes your home or office inviting, creative and “yummy,” just like the icing on the cake.


Terri Reilly ASID allied
TR Design Firm