An example of cast glass, with an added leaf design.

Thinking about tackling a few home improvements before winter? According to Ridgefield Glass co-owner John Petchonka, changing out the glass in your home can make a big statement for minimal investment. “Glass accents have the ability to really transform your home,” Petchonka said. “It’s a great way to make a change that’s noticeable, yet not all consuming.”

Ridgefield Glass specializes in various areas of home design involving glass, he said. For fall, the glaziers have three recommendations for upgrades:

  • Cast Glass: Cast glass, which is melted and fused together for various applications including countertops, table tops and vanity tops, is a great option for renovating your look, according to Petchonka. Options include adding color, texture, even designs that appear to float inside the glass.
  • Laminated Linen: Laminated linen glass provides an alternative to frosted glass which often looks clinical or boring and can be used to divide up an area in a home or business, he said.
  • Sliding Glass Barn Doors and Hardware: Sliding glass barn doors with modern elegant hardware can make for a grand opening to update a bedroom, he said, or entrance to an exercise room or bathroom.

Ridgefield Glass is located at 4 Danbury Road, Ridgefield. For more, visit or call 203-438-3105.