Red accessories pop against neutral walls. (Olson Photographic)

I love fashion. I carefully follow fashion trends, even though I may not apply most of them to my own wardrobe. Fashion is one of my biggest inspirations (next to travel) when I design interiors, and for a good reason. Everything that happens in fashion eventually work its way to interiors and home design trends: color, texture, complexity or simplicity of form, flexibility of function — fashion and interiors are forever intertwined. And what aspect of both fashion and interiors trends is followed the most closely each season? Color!

We have been seeing a lot of neutrals in both fashion and interiors recently, which I love. A canvas of soft gray or taupe can be a wonderful beginning to a dramatic color scheme. Don’t get me wrong — I love color, I just don’t think that you have to paint your walls red to create a great red-based color scheme. In this dramatic living room (pictured) the balance of cool and warm is achieved by creating a very neutral background of floor coverings and wall color and throwing in lots of red in window coverings, furnishings and accessories.

Ultramarine Green and Tangerine Tango colors come together on this Adler-designed pool room coffee table. (Olga Adler)

I believe in flexible design, spaces that can easily change with season or your mood. And what better way to achieve that then by changing accessories on a whim?

So let’s see which delicious colors were dreamed up by the fashion color trend forecasters at Pantone (the global leader in predicting color trends), and how we can apply them to our homes to stay ahead of the crowd. I picked 4 colors from Pantone Fashion Fall Color Report 2012 and created 2 winning combinations that can enliven any room in your home in no-time.

Remember Tangerine Tango? It’s 2012 color of the year and we see it everywhere. It can be mixed with gray, brown, navy, pink and many other colors but it really takes on a whole new personality when mixed with a vibrant and oh-so-cool Ultramarine Green (pictured). It’s a bold combination so it is best to use it in accessories creating colorful vignettes.

I have been pushing this one for at least a year or two and I am so happy to see that is it everywhere. I spotted beautiful tableware from Crate & Barrel in this winning color combination just the other day (pictured).

If you are ready for some decorating changes, this is the time to do it. You can easily revamp your color scheme for fall and winter with any of these combination without feeling that it has been done hundreds of time – they are fresh and invigorating – exactly what we need for the dark days of fall and winter to come.


Olga Adler is an award-winning interior designer, stylist and blogger.