Home Services of New Canaan, owned by Derek Tacon, transformd a fallen walnut tree from a client’s property into this fireplace mantle for the family.

Every cloud has a silver lining. The glass is half full. Things happen for a reason. Cliches, maybe, but when a beloved walnut tree came down on a couple’s property four years ago, they were determined to  make the best of a bad situation with the guidance of Derek Tacon, president of Home Services of New Canaan.

“We were installing new windows at the home when the tree fell,” Derek recalls, “Rather than dispose of the tree, we brought in a portable mill to slice it into various thicknesses, which were then stored until the family could find another use for it.”

When a couple of years later the family was in fact ready to tackle another home improvement project – this time, a kitchen and dining room remodel – Derek and his staff of contractors pulled the walnut’s remains from storage and rendered it not into mulch or firewood but rather into new kitchen countertops and a fireplace mantle.

Derek, who grew up in Westchester County and who, along with his brothers, spent weekends and summers working at Wiser Home Remodeling, his father’s roofing, siding and window company.

“This business is in my blood,” Derek explains. Not surprisingly, Derek has worked for some of the same clients he worked for when he was a kid.

Specialties of the House

Located at 72 Grove St. in the heart of New Canaan, Home Services of New Canaan serves both Fairfield County and Westchester County, where clients can hire Derek’s staff for custom built-in cabinetry, moulding and wainscotting, roofing, gutters and siding, kitchen and bath remodeling, interior and exterior painting, basement finishing, general masonry, home fix up and repair work and, of course, giving new life to downed trees.

“We are unique in that we offer virtually every specialty in home remodeling, literally one-stop-home improvement-shopping,” he says, “with 16 highly skilled contractors servicing our clients, many of whom are repeat. Homeowners don’t have to work with numerous contractors on a project…they only have to deal with me.”

Derek often compiles a wish list for his customers, including a budget attached to each project, and a 2, 3 or 5-year project plan. “While some homeowners want to have everything done at once, others want the option of planning for multiple projects over several years,” he states. “They can pick and choose what they want to do when, and budget for each project accordingly.

The company also offers storm damage service, with teams working and available to clear and remove trees and debris, and cover and secure storm-related structural damage, according to Derek, who also assists local realtors and homeowners in preparing homes to sell. “The realtors know they can count on us to help get their clients’ home ready for sale, and that they can refer us to the buyers when they move into their new home and need to have work done.”

For more information, call 203-594-7814.