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How committed is your state to local foods?

How committed is your state to local foods?

Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, respectively, claimed the top three spots in the 2014 Locavore Index, a ranking of each state’s (and the District of Columbia’s) commitment to promoting and providing locally grown foods. according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “There are many good reasons to eat locally produced foods, the first among them...
Local Flavor: Area specialty markets cite spring food trends

Local Flavor: Area specialty markets cite spring food trends

Small markets and specialty stores not only carry a vast selection of fresh products, they cultivate the newest food trends. Kings Food Market ( in Old Greenwich is one such Connecticut store. With 25 locations across three states, Kings stores captivate consumers by harnessing food trends and translating them into an unforgettable experience, according to...
Celebrate "Heart Health" month with a healthy diet

Celebrate “Heart Health” month with a healthy diet

In honor of Heart Health month, Kings Food Markets, 26 Arcadia Rd., Old Greenwich, has partnered with Atlantic Health System to create a “Stay Healthy” initiative and Mary Finckenor, registered dietitian for the Cardiac Health Center of Morristown Medical Center, has helped Kings identify three simple foods you might not expect to help you promote...

The latest on an old nutrition villain

As a child, Janie remembers watching her father sprinkle salt on everything — cantaloupe, tomato juice, grapefruit. “Everything tastes better with a little salt,” he’d say. “Why don’t you taste it first?” she said. “It may not even need salt.” He heard her, but didn’t listen. Now Janie’s doctor advises her to limit her salt...