Skip Wyatt, owner of Mr. Handyman

Skip Wyatt, owner of Mr. Handyman – photo by Audra Napolitano

There are many things homeowners can do when getting the residence safer for someone who cannot get around the house like they used to.

Skip Wyatt, of Mr. Handyman, recently gave some tips as to what to do to get your home ready. He said most a homeowner can do, however, if they are unsure, they should call a professional.

He said there are some general things to take into account when fixing up the home: add motion sensor light switches to help prevent stumbling around in the dark ad make sure entrances and doorways are free of clutter.

“Make sure the room-to-room transition is smooth,” he said. Meaning, if there’s not a flat service, do what you can to make sure it’s straight.

Also, “install CO2 detectors, and smoke detectors,” he said.

Kitchens are where we socialize, but mainly, it’s where we eat, and prepare what we’re eating, so it is important to take care when redoing that area.

Wyatt recommends having a visible, easy to reach fire extinguisher at hand.

One of the things is to cover all the shop objects,” including knives and sharp corners, “so you can avoid any injuries in case a senior is to fall,” he said.

For the cabinets, there are a couple of tricks to make drawers easier to open and food easier to find in the kitchen.
“Replace all of the cabinet fixtures,” instead of a standard small knob, replace it with a bar that would go across, making it an easier target to grab.

“Rolling shelves are a lot better than the cabinet doors, because you don’t have to dig to find something,” Wyatt said.
In the bathroom, make sure to find slip resistant matting, and if there’s a white bathtub, get a contrasting color so it’s easier to see.

“Install elevated toilet seat,” Wyatt suggested. Inside the shower, go for installing a” bathtub bench or install shower houses. Remove the area rugs, and any other trip hazards.”

He also suggests changing doorknobs around the house to levers, because it’s easier for those with less mobility.
“You may want to widen the doors to 36 inches, so if they’re in a scooter or wheelchair so they can get in the doors easily,” said Wyatt.

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