Storing children's artwork

It’s not long now before school starts and the art work begins to show up at your door step, every day, in large quantities and in large sizes.

At art stores they have what they call “portfolios” which is what artists and photographers carry their artwork and photographs in. Well, they used to before the digital age. However, they do still exist and they are excellent storage facilities for those large art projects that your kids bring home from school.

Once you have a “portfolio” case you can easily store it behind a couch so that when the art work comes in, it does not have to consume the kitchen or mud room.  Simply slide it into the art case and slide the art case behind the couch out of your way. At the end of the school year, you can label it by child and grade and store it away for future fun.

I recommend getting an art case that has an opening at the top and that does not have a fold over flap to close it. This way, the art work can simply be slid into the case without pulling the case out.  Also, get one made of a stiff material such as plastic or hard card board. This way it will stay erect and won’t flop over.
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