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LMGG-Love-Sees-necklace-111x300What female doesn’t like a piece of jewelry for Christmas? Not many. And jewelry with an inspirational message can be a special keepsake.

Love Sees jewelry, created one year ago by Nancy Diehl, a Wilton resident and mom of two teenaged daughters, features sterling silver, delicate necklaces and bracelets engraved with various love phrases.

“Love Sees jewelry is designed to remind you that you are loved and have a destiny and purpose and the power to give love,” says Diehl. “Wherever or whenever you feel hopeless or powerless in life, if you choose love, you take back your power.”

While living on Nantucket for 17 years, Diehl would very often see people who looked burdened and would feel compelled to go buy them a piece of jewelry and write them a note. She says she has countless stories of the changes people claim happened after receiving her gift or love. In 2012, she came up with her idea to send a message through jewelry of how love “is more than a feeling; it is an action,” she says.

“I chose ‘Love Sees’ as the name of the company because I know that love sees beyond circumstances and faults and sees destiny and purpose in a person. The love phrases that are engraved on the bracelets and necklaces will actually teach you what love is about.”

The 12 phrases have a different meaning to everyone. All start with the word “love” and the second word one can choose from are: saves, sings, teaches, accepts, creates, dances, frees, heals, hopes, laughs, listens, and protects.

Each box has the quote, “Wear this knowing that love sees your destiny and purpose and that you have the power to give love.”

Since the introduction of Love Sees bracelets and necklaces, the company has added sterling silver logo earrings, silver plated coins in seven love phrases and a Love Sees Gift Book. The coins have the love phrase with the logo on one side and the quote “carry this knowing that love sees your destiny and purpose and that you have the power to give love” on the other side.

LMGG-Love-Sees-hands-300x231“The Love Sees gift book is unique, powerful and life changing,” Diehl says.

“Read about how to love yourself, how to receive love from around you and how to give love to each person you encounter.”

Ten percent of Love Sees proceeds are donated to teen suicide prevention and awareness through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, which has a program called “More Than Sad” that educates teachers and students on how to recognize depression in fellow students. Currently, suicide is the third leading cause of death in teens. One out of 12 teens attempt suicide and one out of six seriously consider it.

“Love Sees’ mission is to change how society views love, to bring purpose and hope to many, and to bring awareness of the epidemic of teen suicide as well as empower the consumer in the fight against teen suicide,” says Diehl.

Love Sees products are available at, Darien Sport Shop in Darien, Open House Gift Shop in Wilton, The Loft at Bissell’s in Ridgefield, Splash of Pink in Westport, Flourishes in Trumbull and Stephanie’s on Main on Nantucket.

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