Consider home-made for Mother’s Day


I don’t know about you, but the best gifts for Mother’s Day are the ones your children make. I love having a relaxing day getting spoiled at the spa, but my nails soon chip.

The paintings, and little gifts that my son made for me when he was little I have kept — and always will. I still have a little clay plate he sculpted and I adore it. He is 14 this year and there is something so sweet about looking at his old gifts and seeing his writing that is very special to me.

Moms-and-Dads3There are many inexpensive ideas that are sure to brighten any Mommy’s or Daddy’s day.

One of my favorites is the plant pot. Costing around a dollar, you can decorate these with acrylic paints found at Walmart for less than $1.

Be careful with acrylic paint, as it is hard to get out of clothes so dress the kids for a mess when using it and place plenty of newspaper on the table to protect it too.

You could set up a creative table with markers and crayons and paper and talk about mommy or daddy and all the things they like. Creating a special drawing and putting it in a frame is great for the office or family wall.

There are plenty of rocks everywhere. You could get one from the yard or the beach or a special walk and take it home and wash it well. Use different paints to create a one of a kind paper weight. If you can get to the craft store you could buy googly eyes and turn your rock into a little animal or your child can make it look like them!

Keeping creative at home is a must. It’s such a great time to spend some time together and have fun in the process. Don’t be afraid of making a mess, show your child you are not afraid to make a mistake. Create something special together.

If you really don’t want to make a mess at home, stop by The Giggling Pig in Shelton. We have more great ideas and projects to get involved in. We clean the mess for you. There’s even a Mother’s Day craft and lunch on Sunday, May 10, 11-1 p.m.

What ever you do for Mother’s and Father’s day, enjoy it. Even without a gift, having children to watch grow and learn is a gift in its self.

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