Caulking windows will reduce air leaks and save energy, and is just one of the many services performed during a free HES-IE assessment.

As a partner of the Energize Connecticut initiative, the United Illuminating Co. (UI) is helping Connecticut residents reduce their energy bills and make their homes more comfortable. At no cost, families on a fixed or limited income can take part in the Home Energy Solutions-Income Eligible (HES-IE) program.

HES-IE offers on-the-spot weatherization and energy-efficiency services to homeowners and renters for immediate savings, as well as incentives and additional resources to further reduce energy use. A home energy assessment is a “physical checkup” determining how much energy a home uses, and is recommended for anyone looking to lower monthly home energy bills.

“Residents with fixed or limited incomes are provided an opportunity to assess their home and pinpoint ways to reduce energy costs,” said Elizabeth Murphy, senior program manager for United Illuminating. “Determining where your home is consuming the most energy, and taking action to correct energy waste or loss, are critical factors in reducing monthly energy bills.”

By participating in the HES-IE program, residents will have a better understanding of how their home wastes energy and what additional measures can be taken to improve the comfort of their home. Each energy assessment is performed by a certified professional. All HES-IE customers may be eligible for the following free services:

•     Comprehensive energy assessment.
•     Diagnostic testing.
•     Blower door guided air sealing and duct sealing.
•     Installation of energy-saving lightbulbs, including LEDs and CFLs.
•     Installation of water-saving products like low-flow shower heads, faucet aerators and hot water pipe wrap.
•     Educational tips on how to further reduce home energy costs.
•     Information on rebates and financing for additional upgrades, including insulation, windows, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment, as applicable.

Some homes may qualify for insulation and appliance upgrades at no cost.

Those who choose to participate in the HES-IE program will save money while simultaneously making their homes more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round. With spring rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to consider an HES-IE assessment to help make your home cooler this summer.

“The HES-IE program is a valuable alternative to those unable to cover the co-pay that accompanies Home Energy Solutions services,” said Murphy. “It is highly encouraged that those who meet the income guidelines take advantage of this free HES-IE assessment and start reducing their energy bills.”

Approximately $1,200 in services will be performed during a free HES-IE assessment. On average, residents who partake in this program will save more than $250 on their annual energy bills.

For more information, call 1-877-WISE-USE or visit