Website-Be-PreparedSeptember is National Preparedness Month. Hurricane Sandy might have been a few years back, but Darien and its surrounding area has not forgotten the impact. This month, we are reminded to be prepared in case a disaster of any kind strikes.

Stock up — Make sure your house is fully stocked with batteries and flashlights. If you have a generator, make sure it is in good working condition and has fuel ready to go. If you don’t have a generator but are considering buying one, now is the time to put thought into it.

Secure — Make sure windows and other entrances to your home are properly sealed and functional. If there are trees that might appear dead or ready to fall, get them trimmed or taken down — especially those near your home, your neighbors home, your car, or any other important assets. Nail down or remove any loose boarding or shingles from your home.

Insure — Make sure your homeowner’s insurance is up to date and complete, including flooding, for a coastal town like Darien.

Write it down — Make a list of preparedness steps. Write down where important items are kept, including fuel supplies, insurance documents, important utility numbers such as power and cable companies, the Darien Police non-emergency number and the numbers of loved ones and vulnerable neighbors to check on. If your cell phone is dead, you can’t use your phone book.

Enroll in CodeRed — Notifications are provided at no cost for all Darien residents. Town officials will send out CodeRed alerts related to any potential storm activity, evacuations, shelter locations, and other emergencies making it an essential preparedness tool to stay safe.

And finally, land line it —Many people have opted to remove land lines, but in the case of a disaster, it is worth keeping a minimal land line plan and a phone to stick in the wall if cell and power is out.

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