The living room of this home located at 8 Burnham Hill, Westport, blends varying shades of yellow and and other neutrals, creating a warm and inviting space. The home is for sale through Cyd Hamer, William Pitt Sotheby’s International RE.—William Pitt Sotheby’s photo

Maybe it’s just me, but I associate April with the color yellow. From daffodils and baby chicks to butter-colored paint and lemon-flavored desserts, the instant I even hear the word April, I’m all set to pull my yellow-hued spring decorations out of the closet, and my mouth invariably begins to pucker in anticipation of the really tart lemon bars I make each Easter.

There are colors, particularly blue, that I like to pair with yellow, and I’ve incorporated both into our home since we first bought it, back in 1996. The kitchen wallpaper I originally chose — a garden-style trellis pattern — featured a sky-blue background with yellow flowers, which a decade later I replaced with a sun-drenched, Provence-yellow Benjamin Moore paint. In 2006, when my husband and I were picking out living room furniture, again I gravitated toward yellow, in this case, a sofa and loveseat covered with a blue-yellow-and-white check fabric, and featuring coordinating lemon yellow toile throw pillows. A decade later, whenever I look at those pillows, I can’t help but think of one of my favorite foods, lemon curd, and it’s no surprise that chefs often mention adding lemon (which they often refer to as their secret weapon) to create a bright note in certain recipes.

These days, I’m favoring various shades of yellow paired with black or gray and white. I bought a pair of small, pale-yellow baby chick salt and pepper shakers in the spring a few years ago, for example, and I love how they look with my black tablecloth and white dishes during Easter, or even on Passover (we celebrate both). The pale yellow and black combination signifies spring to me (maybe because I use those colors in my décor in spring?), and I’m ready to hunt for Easter eggs or look for the Passover afikomen (a piece of matzo broken off from the center of one of the three matzoth set before the leader of a Seder; it’s hidden by the leader and later searched for by the children, with the finder, usually the youngest, receiving a reward).

Now that it’s April, and officially spring, I’m seeing yellow everywhere, beginning with the Pinterest photos I’m saving and ending with the yellow-splashed covers of my favorite decorating magazines. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to refresh the house with my favorite color.

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