It never ceases to amaze me how color can completely change the look and feel of space … from freshly painted paneling (brown to white) to a sun-drenched yellow kitchen, color can evoke a particular style or time period, or even alter a mood.

There’s a house on our street, for example, that for years had been painted a bright mint green, and featured a portion of traditional red brick exterior, white garage doors, and a white front door, shutters, and trim. The owner at one point decided to repaint, having all the paint sanded off, and the entire neighborhood watched with bated breath to see what color he would choose, only to have it painted exactly the same mint green.

The house was recently sold to a young couple, who wasted little time hiring some painting contractors. What color would they choose, we all wondered, as the painters removed shutters, gutters, and downspouts in preparation?

It took only a short time to paint the house, including the window sashes and grids, a dark, bluish charcoal hue (my husband claims the house is dark gray, and can’t seem to perceive any blue), while the garage doors, front door, and trim remained white, and the brick was left red.

It took a few days to get used to the dark color (the other neighbors and I — busy bodies, as I’ve come to refer to the lot of us — would run into each other in front of the home during walks, stopping to observe and discuss the color choice).

Just when we thought the project was finished, the painters returned, and began painting the red brick, plus anything that was white, the same dark bluish-gray as the house, while they painted the window sashes and front door a darker, richer navy.

I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the couple’s recently planted light pink hydrangeas and gray stone front steps looked against the dark bluish-gray color, and the house made me think of Chip and Joanna Gaines, of Fixer Upper fame. I’ve watched enough episodes to know that this was a look that Joanne might have chosen for one of her clients — the exterior somehow managed to look rich and rustic and lovely, all at the same time, and I admired the couple’s color choice.

In this issue, then, our feature article focuses on, not surprisingly, color! Writer Sandra Diamond Fox discusses how color can affect people’s moods, and she asks some area color and design experts how and what to choose, and why. Then, Pam Brown discovers how to decorate with copper — a very versatile metal, apparently — while foodie Robin Glowa encourages us to enjoy the fruits of our summer’s labor with a colorful array of grilled peaches, pineapple, and even watermelon. Finally, we can all get a good night’s sleep after perusing the beautiful bedrooms in this month’s Home Personality, titled, “Sweet dreams!” with more homes available on All in all, a very colorful issue, if I must say so myself!

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