Actually, I’m not really big on fashions du jour when it comes to fine jewelry; the stuff is far too expensive to allow yourself to be dictated to by transient whims of elite fashion designers; these are in and out of style in the blink of an eye. Trends in jewelry are different, and generally stay for many years — such as a preference for white gold over yellow gold, or the demand for diamond tennis bracelets a few years back — but certain fashions cycle endlessly from one year to the next, and these often have to do with color, synchronized to the change of seasons that we enjoy here in the Northeast.

Think of high fall colors, and what comes to mind? Warm reds and rusts, yellow and gold, moss greens — you get the picture. These may all be echoed by colors in the jewelry you choose to wear. Faceted (or cabochon) colored stones in rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces or pins do not have to cost a king’s ransom, and colored stone beads worn as a single (or multiple) strand necklace of any length you desire can make a spectacular statement. Today, inexpensive freshwater pearls are available in almost any color you can think of, and can easily be matched to outfits or other jewelry.

Joe Brandt

Some of the transparent fine colored stones that can reflect fall colors without breaking your bank account are citrine (best known in a color range from pale yellow to deep madeira), garnet (generally found from medium to deep red/brown), smoky quartz (pale to deep brown), pastel shades of tourmaline (normally light to medium green), or tangerine opal (orange). Opaque natural stones and beads offer even a wider range of color options, most of which are surprisingly inexpensive.

Do you have a short pearl necklace that you never wear? Here’s a suggestion to perk things up — ask your jeweler about adding a strand (or more) of colored stone beads (or even colored freshwater pearls) that may be interspaced with your pearls (in a pattern of your choice), and restrung into a longer necklace. (Ornamental dividers — sometimes called roundels — may be used as accents.) One of the many great advantages here is that even though certain colors are most reminiscent of the current season, they may be enjoyed year-round — and they don’t have to be set aside until next year with the advent of the first snowfall!


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