Alas, it is that time of year again. I have about eight houseplants that I moved out onto the porch as soon as the threat of frost had lifted last spring. Spring took a long time to actually spring this year.

The winter was hard on the crop, I lost two interesting specimens that I kept too close to the window. The rest of them were sort of droopy and pale with off-color leaves. The sun and warmth and water during the warmer months revitalized most of them. I had a Swedish ivy, normally an idiot-proof plant, that did not survive the severe haircut I gave it in May. Others that were destined to go to the landfill shook off the winter browning to prosper with some fertilizer and regular watering.

Overall, it was not a good season for my flora friends. Sure, there were some scorching days, and the wind did blow several to the deck or worse, off the railing, to go crashing and cracking to be repotted and secured, but it really wasn’t all that different a year than usual.

I think it may have been me. I may not have watered them as much as I should have. For whatever reason, I did not bond with them as I usually do. I spent some time cutting off the browned leaves, and overall, none died of neglect, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t there for them. I guess I thought, “You guys fend for yourselves, I’ll bring the water and food, but it’s up to you to photosynthesize. I can’t do everything.”

So last week I brought the survivors inside. Since they have been outside, much of the places that I put them to winter over have been taken over by stacks of new books, or boxes of junk. I rearranged the place, gave them all a nice drink, and put them around the various sunny spots in the apartment.

I will remember to water them on Mondays and with any luck I will keep them alive until the last of the thaw is gone in the spring. Unless I buy a house with a sunny location where the wind does not blow through the walls and windows all winter long.

When and if that day happens, I will write about it here. I would be interested to know if any of my plants survive a move.

The plastic plants are dusty but thriving.

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