“Your front door should be your holiday welcome greeting to friends, family and neighbors. Something for all to enjoy, including you,” says Jennifer Coleman, owner of JKC Designs Ridgefield. — Jen Coleman photo

Spread some seasonal joy by decorating your front door in a Christmas motif this holiday season. “Your front door should be your holiday welcome greeting to friends, family and neighbors. Something for all to enjoy, including you,” says Jennifer Coleman, owner of JKC Designs Ridgefield. “It should be a sneak peek of what’s behind — an inviting element to the rest of your holiday décor inside. This is an opportunity to show your personality and style through your choice of decorations.”

— Stew Leonard’s photo

The front door is the backdrop for the decorations, so consider that first when choosing your color scheme, Jennifer notes. Red and green is classic, but other colors can make it pop, she adds. “This year I’ve chosen to add lime green. It’s fun and fresh-looking,” she says, suggesting adding lime green ornaments to a wreath or sprinkling them onto the bottom of a planter filled with greens. “If you’re looking for something totally new and exciting, try silver and ice blue. It feels really crisp and will last well into January.”

A door can be decorated in different ways. “For a country feel, add a burlap bow along with pine cones and berries. Modern can incorporate a new color scheme with glitter balls, or white solid ornaments on a wreath,” Jennifer says. It can also be lighthearted and whimsical. “I love unexpected colors,” she says. “Use brightly colored ball-style, diamond, or star-shaped ornaments. For example, tiny glitter balls. Pick three colors, like hot pink, turquoise, and gold.”

Jeannie Mortensen, garden specialist/designer at Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk, says using fresh greens and wreaths is a wonderful way to greet holiday guests. “It not only sets a celebratory tone, but nothing beats the fresh scent,” she states. “Balsam is the most popular. Fresh wreaths come with bows, pine cones, and ornaments. Artificial wreaths come decorated with lights, bows and ornaments.” For the do-it-yourselfer, Stew’s sells a wide selection of decorations along with battery-operated lights. Fresh roping around the entry is another option, or you can use plain or decorated artificial roping. A small fresh tree makes a nice vignette. “It’s the perfect size to decorate a front porch to inject just a bit of holiday spirit, and you can also add lights for pizzazz.”

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Jane Flader, nursery manager of Benedict’s Home & Garden in Monroe, says a front door decorated with a fresh wreath adorned with pine cones, assorted greenery, and colorful picks brightens up the drabness of winter. “It brings a holiday spirit and joyfulness to family and friends.” Besides wreaths, Jane suggests using an evergreen swag. “Doors can be draped with a variety of roping or swags made of either white pine, boxwood, Fraser fir, western cypress, or a mixture. Roping can be put around door frames, banisters, or lightposts,” she says. “The scent of the cut evergreens is very welcoming, and the beauty of the greens puts a nice emphasis on your entrance and makes it look festive.” Jane suggests draping evergreen shrubs near an entry with clear or multi-color net lights. Other options include seasonal décor such as grapevine deer or a resin Santa or snowman.  

— Jen Coleman photo

Bev Dennis, owner of Something of Bev’s in Milford, sells a giant decorated Christmas tree canvas with LED lights. “You can hang this screen on a protected area of your front door, push a button, and it lights up. It makes quite a statement,” she explains, also suggesting hanging classic sleigh bells in clusters and arranging antique snowshoes, skis, and ice skates at the door. “They’re typical Northeast decorations that give a country feel and look nice. You can also use a grapevine wreath with a pocket on the bottom filled with local greens, berries or seashells for a shore theme,” says Bev. “I also have wire angel wings with greens and ribbon that are different for the door.” Near the entry, Bev hangs a weathered green apple basket filled with greens, holly, berries, pods, eucalyptus, and pine cones for a natural look. “These decorations introduce guests to a festive holiday season at your home. They’re a welcoming addition that puts a smile on everyone’s face.”