Jewelry boxes, revisited

Even though I’ve touched on this subject in previous columns, it is important that I revisit the subject of jewelry boxes from time to time, since this is far and away the most popular place to store jewelry at home. Most certainly, nothing beats the benefit of having all of your jewelry in one place, conveniently located and easily accessible.

Unfortunately, what generally happens when your house gets broken into is this: A thief will make a beeline for the bedroom, and head straight for the dresser (Think that jewelry isn’t the #1 target in a burglary? Think again!). If there’s a jewelry box sitting on top of it, even the greenest amateur will have found all the jewelry you aren’t wearing that day in a minute or less — and by using a high-profile jewelry box, you have also positioned what is essentially a red flag for the prying eyes of every workman, friend of your children/grandchildren, or house cleaner that has access to your home at any time (“Jewelry here!!”).

And if you think you’re being clever about hiding your jewelry in the top dresser drawer, I can assure you that this will absolutely be the second place a thief will look. Feeling smug about having an alarm system? Consider how much time it will take for police to arrive, even if it’s a central station alarm. There are two words to describe a burglar’s whereabouts by that time: Long gone.

Joe Brandt


There is, however, one very good use for a jewelry box kept in plain sight, and that is to play the role of a red herring, when used to store your inexpensive costume jewelry. A thief will often grab these things quickly and depart rapidly, thinking that he or she has made a great score.

Do not, under any circumstances, use a jewelry box placed on top of your dresser for storage of valuables! You’re asking for trouble, trust me on this. On a daily basis, fine jewelry should always be kept in a concealed location that may be accessed without too much difficulty. Suggestions and observations on this in a future column — so stay tuned!

Joe Brandt is a local resident, and president of J.L. Brandt Company, offering diversified fine jewelry advisory services to the general public since 1928. Readers are invited to submit questions or comments to Names or contact information will not be used for publication, and all inquiries will be answered promptly.




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