Christmas in Connecticut: A Ridgefield home gets decked for the holidays

For many people, holiday decorating may involve a wreath on the front door, electric candles in the windows, a tree or two, some garland wrapped on a staircase or draped across a fireplace mantel above stockings hung with care, a nativity and a few special family mementos. For others, however, holiday decorating is a passion, … Read more

Making a house a home

When Nora and Shawn moved into their newly built Ridgefield home with their growing family about three years ago, they were at a bit of a loss as how to decorate it. They had previously lived in spaces of 1,200 to 1,800 square feet, with a look they described as “definitely farmhouse casual.” Not only … Read more

A mark of distinction

While many architects have certain design signatures, Mark P. Finlay AIA of Southport is not one of them. In fact, he says, “I don’t like it if people can tell I did it. I don’t like to leave fingerprints.” For more than 30 years his eponymous, award-winning, full-service architectural and interior design firm has been … Read more

Piece talks

Visitors to the Smith home in Redding are drawn to take a closer look at the colorful, shiny, and three-dimensional artworks that line a couple of wide hallway walls. Facial expressions tend to go from quizzical to smiles as viewers recognize that the shapes are created by carefully arranged folded paper flowers, cut spirals or … Read more

The lay of the land: A wide-open space appeals to a house-hunting couple

It was the land that particularly appealed to the couple as they looked for a home in Greenwich in 1995. “Many of the properties we’d seen looking around were heavily wooded, rocky, not user friendly. This was special—flat, high and dry, with abundant sunlight, a great open space with a sense of privacy,” they recall. … Read more

Ripple effect: A spectacular New Canaan backyard pool makes quite a splash

It is a house built with entertaining in mind…and as the weather warms, it is time to take advantage of the spectacular New Canaan backyard that leaves little to be desired. The multiple award-winning landscaping includes a large resort-style pool with all the bells and whistles — five waterfalls plus several full-wall falls, a beach … Read more

A blanket statement

People are often inspired to take on projects by something they’ve seen online or in a magazine or newspaper. Phyllis Rhodes of Redding is one of them. A fan of the handmade, she especially enjoys looking through Etsy … and she has a couple of family weddings coming up with brides who are themselves crafty. … Read more

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