The good life!

  In a word association quiz, many people might respond to the word “family” with words like “mother,” “father,” “sister” or “brother.” However, dog and cat owners typically include their pampered pets as part of the family and close to the heart, so it’s not surprising, then, that they decorate their homes with all of … Read more

Seeds of hope

Planting flowers from purchased seeds is like experiencing the joy that comes from watching new life unfold. What better time to do that than in spring, when the New England landscape experiences a rebirth? In our ever faster and more challenging lives, something special happens when we cut open a flower seed packet and dream … Read more

An Emersonian holiday: Decorating with nature

“Nature cannot be surprised in undress. Beauty breaks in everywhere.”                                                                                Ralph Waldo Emerson Decorating for the holidays does not have to mean a visit to a store, mall, shopping center, or If you’re looking for beautiful decorations that transcend the common and artificial, then take a walk in the woods, or drive to the … Read more

How does your garden grow?

Strolling through a garden center is like walking through a candy store. There are so many beautiful colors and scents that it’s almost impossible to walk away from the most tempting assortments. Even the most seasoned gardener will sometimes venture into the “should not plant” zone.  Beginners are especially prone to purchasing plants that are … Read more

Backyard fire pits

Ahh, those delicious days of summer are so precious that Connecticut Yankees try to extend them any way they can. It’s not surprising, then, that the latest backyard trend is the ever so popular, socially engaging fire pit. They’re so popular that builders often include them in their construction plans. When the sun goes down … Read more

The sound of (holiday) music

There is and always has been an international language that just about everyone on earth understands. It’s the sweet, joyous, heart-breaking, soul-searching, uplifting, and love-filled language of music. During the holiday season, just about every popular vocalist, musician and orchestra has an album dedicated to the holiday season. People prepare dinners for the stories behind … Read more

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