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Q: One of my daughters has suggested that instead of leaving everything up for grabs after I’m gone, I should list my good jewelry in my will, so there’s no quarreling— but I’ve looked at everything, and have no idea as to how to even begin to divide it up between the three girls. Any help … Read more


The following is a collection of random questions that have been posed by readers of this column during the past year. Q: I want to sell a few items that I never wear anymore, but the price of gold has dropped in recent months. Should I wait until gold goes up again? A: It is … Read more

FALLing by the wayside

With the approach of colder weather here in the Northeast, many people will “dust off” some of the jewelry that has been set aside for the summer. Autumn signals change, and when nature shifts, everything seems to shift with it. Jewelry that has been unused during the warmer months is frequently reactivated — but what … Read more

Sapphires of September

Aside from being the September birthstone, sapphire is truly one of the most magnificent of all colored stones, and comes in a fantastic range of colors (not just blue), including just about every color you can think of, except one. (I’ll tell you at the end of the column.) Sapphires are found in many areas throughout the world, including … Read more

Traveling with jewelry

Summer is here in full swing — a time when many people travel on vacation, and expose their possessions to potentially risky situations without realizing that they are putting anything in danger. Unfortunately, they only learn of their miscalculation the hard way. Rest assured that there really are people who make the majority of their living … Read more

The great diamond debate

I recently followed an online discussion regarding the merits of diamonds, and this particular discussion revolved primarily around the falsehood and artificially created value of diamonds. One of the people posting to the thread pointed out that prices are controlled by the diamond syndicate, and without these controls, they’re just pretty rocks, and as such, are … Read more

Jewelry boxes, revisited

Even though I’ve touched on this subject in previous columns, it is important that I revisit the subject of jewelry boxes from time to time, since this is far and away the most popular place to store jewelry at home. Most certainly, nothing beats the benefit of having all of your jewelry in one place, … Read more

April fool

How do we fool thee? (Or maybe it should be, “How could you fool yourself?”) Let me count the ways — You could be fooled into complacency, thinking that since there’s nothing obviously wrong with your necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, everything is perfectly safe and secure, when in fact, an expert eye may reveal … Read more

Size matters

Size definitely matters, particularly when it comes to the way a ring should fit your finger. Rings that do not fit properly are trouble waiting to happen, it’s that simple — and either way (too loose or too tight), it’s just a matter of time before disaster strikes. When a ring is newly purchased (assuming … Read more

Earring errors

  At one point or another, most women (and some of the men) in the U.S. wear earrings — although men tend to have only single earrings (either small hoops or plain studs), and generally have only one, which they wear daily.  Women, on the other hand, often have multiple pairs as well as single … Read more

Holiday happiness

If you are thinking about adding jewelry to your shopping list this holiday season, the concept most certainly has my full support, and I have several things that you may wish to consider. First, it’s an excellent idea. Jewelry (fine jewelry, as opposed to “costume”) may be used and enjoyed for many years, sometimes being passed on to the next generation in your family. Unlike most electronics,  jewelry … Read more

Fall color fashions

Actually, I’m not really big on fashions du jour when it comes to fine jewelry; the stuff is far too expensive to allow yourself to be dictated to by transient whims of elite fashion designers; these are in and out of style in the blink of an eye. Trends in jewelry are different, and generally … Read more

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