Plan a backyard birthday bash!

Unicorns. Superhero Girls. Emojis. All were potential themes for my daughter Ava’s seventh birthday party last month. Harry Potter won out, however, and this year, we decided to host the birthday party in our backyard. Late spring and summer months are a perfect time to take a birthday party — or any party, for that … Read more

A mom’s snow day survival guide

Bombogenesis eve. The phone call we were anxiously awaiting finally came: No school tomorrow! The kids high-fived each other. I curled up a little tighter under my blanket. I was relieved I could “sleep in” the next morning and that I had already braved grocery store-maggedon earlier in the day. I’m a creature of habit … Read more

Home sweet home

Suddenly, hidden in the trees, they saw a strange house made of candy, cookies, chocolate, and everything delicious. “This is a gingerbread house,” cried Gretel happily. “I will eat a bit of roof and you can eat some window.” Hansel and Gretel, The Brothers Grimm (1812). From kindergarten creations constructed from milk cartons to custom-built … Read more

Witch way to the party?

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by monsters, horror movies, and things that go bump in the night. As a child, I loved reading magazines and would spend my weekly allowance on issues of Tiger Beat, full of tween heartthrobs like Shaun Cassidy and Donny Osmond, and Fangoria, an American horror … Read more

Thinking inside the box

I admit it. I’m a 100% neat freak. I love a tidy house. It gives me a sense of calm and respite. Unfortunately, my family and I live in a house full of stuff … toys, books, magazines, games, sporting equipment, hobbies, school books, paperwork, holiday decorations, and one too many sets of dishes. I … Read more

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