Moths and houseplants: an update

I am typing this in early June and I am contemplating going into my sweaters; it’s way too cold for June. Just last week I was dying of heat prostration (is that a thing?), wandering around New York City and the waves of smelly heat coming up off the sidewalk. May 1 is my traditional … Read more

Shoe tree

I remember reading an article about toxoplasmosis. This is parasitic disease that can be very dangerous to pregnant women, can cause flu-like symptoms in all who are exposed, and is often associated with cat boxes. This is why I was required to handle cat box duties while my children were gestating within their mother. Everyone, … Read more

Wash day

Our linen supply is very simple: everything is white. That’s great when it’s new, towels and sheets glow with an almost internal light. The problem is they don’t stay white. Some background: I never cared much about these things until I went to nursing school and ended up wearing white scrubs. I had my own … Read more

February thaw

  I am writing this last month. I don’t know if it’s me, but it has been really cold this winter. I, who never wear gloves — but have a large collection of single non-matching pairs — actually took to wearing them. I found myself preparing to exit the grocery store, car keys in my … Read more

Cutting edge

I learned at my first restaurant job the value of a good, sharp knife. My job was to carve slabs of prime rib off a colossal roast. I had to aim for a certain size slab, which I weighed each time, all of which took place in a window where I wore an engineer’s outfit. … Read more


I read Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” when everyone else did, and I recommend it highly. He talks about corn so much that there are pages within upon which the word seems to be printed a hundred times. It turns out that the corn we know, or at least the ancestor of the corn we … Read more

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