Flower power: Spring trends

Spring’s celebratory times are on the horizon. Flowers add a festive touch to any type of gathering, such as weddings, proms, graduations, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Local independent florists are anticipating this season with excitement as they embrace the new trends in florals, arrangements, and colors. “Expect prom season and wedding season to be coral … Read more

Giving your trees some TLC

Cold weather can take its toll on a property, especially in regions of the world where winters are harsh. Most parts of the landscape are vulnerable to damage from winter storms, but trees may be especially susceptible. By the end of winter, many homeowners wonder if their trees would benefit from some professional TLC. Tree … Read more

How does your garden grow?

Interior designer and Darien resident Jane Ellsworth Bewkes has always had a thing for brick Georgian homes. Growing up, she would often visit her grandmother who owned one (built in the 1920s) and she would admire its architecture and elegant decor. As a young girl, she got an early start in interior design by walking … Read more

Make your garden a bird magnet

Chinese astrology may say it’s the year of the dog, but according to the Connecticut Audubon Society, every year is the year of the bird. “Birds are always front and center in our minds,” contends Patrick Comins, executive director of the Connecticut Audubon Society. “We have more than 400 different species of birds in Connecticut. … Read more

Summer flowers: A feast for the eyes

Adding new plants to your garden doesn’t have to happen only in spring; it can take place all summer long. Enjoy your favorites such as peonies, lavender, black-eyed Susans, daisies, bee balm, marigolds, and geraniums, but also stroll through your local garden center for new ideas. Benedict’s Home and Garden in Monroe, for example, is … Read more

Modern pools have all the bells and whistles

This is not your grandma’s pool. While the typical backyard pool years ago was a plain rectangle — simple in form and look — today’s pool is sleek and usually custom-made. Shape choices are nearly limitless, and with options ranging from adjoined hot tubs to adding waterfalls and fountains and colorful lighting, the family pool … Read more

Spring into the garden

With the danger of frost just about over, mid-May is the perfect time to get gardens prepped for planting and to trim up shrubs and bushes. Gardeners have plenty of projects to keep them busy before putting the first flower or seedling into the ground. Margaret Barnes of Trumbull, who earned certified master gardener status … Read more

Redding garden tour scheduled

The Redding Garden Club and New Pond Farm Education Center are once again co-sponsoring their garden tour, For the Love of Gardening, Saturday, June 9, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The self-guided tour showcases the beauty and diversity of eight private Redding gardens. This year, the featured properties include “InSitu,” an eight-acre sculpture garden … Read more

Seeds of hope

Planting flowers from purchased seeds is like experiencing the joy that comes from watching new life unfold. What better time to do that than in spring, when the New England landscape experiences a rebirth? In our ever faster and more challenging lives, something special happens when we cut open a flower seed packet and dream … Read more

Ballard Greenhouse Plant Sale planned

While the rest of us are dreaming of an end to winter, Ridgefield’s Ballard Greenhouse is filled with signs of spring. Volunteers begin to gather in early March, starting seeds and cultivating plants for the Greenhouse Plant Sale, held annually on Mother’s Day weekend for nearly 75 years. This year’s plant sale will take place … Read more

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