Pick up sticks!

I probably wouldn’t describe our family as “outdoorsy.” While we do spend some time outside — my husband likes to run and take care of our yard and pool, and I love to walk our dog — we don’t camp, hike, bike ride, rock climb, or go white water rafting (although we did go kayaking … Read more

Shoe tree

I remember reading an article about toxoplasmosis. This is parasitic disease that can be very dangerous to pregnant women, can cause flu-like symptoms in all who are exposed, and is often associated with cat boxes. This is why I was required to handle cat box duties while my children were gestating within their mother. Everyone, … Read more

Jewelry boxes, revisited

Even though I’ve touched on this subject in previous columns, it is important that I revisit the subject of jewelry boxes from time to time, since this is far and away the most popular place to store jewelry at home. Most certainly, nothing beats the benefit of having all of your jewelry in one place, … Read more

Wash day

Our linen supply is very simple: everything is white. That’s great when it’s new, towels and sheets glow with an almost internal light. The problem is they don’t stay white. Some background: I never cared much about these things until I went to nursing school and ended up wearing white scrubs. I had my own … Read more

A bird’s-eye view

The view from our bedroom overlooks our fenced-in backyard, with its proliferation of birch trees, honeysuckle, lilacs, and a host of other bushes and shrubs I can’t identify. I don’t generally spend too much time staring out the bedroom window, although the yard does afford us a rather pleasant view, and with the nice weather … Read more

A flash in the pan

We eat a lot of chicken in our house, and I’m always looking for new and inventive ways to prepare it. Roasted, poached, slow cooker, sauteed, stir-fried … the possibilities are endless, yet I’m always on a quest to discover another method. I think chicken tastes best when my husband cooks it on the grill, … Read more

Of mice and men

  It was a dark and stormy night … literally, around eight or nine years ago, when our Welsh Terrier, Clancy, began barking at the baseboard radiator near our front door. This went on for a couple of days before I called our vet, thinking that perhaps Clancy was showing signs of some form of … Read more

They call me mellow yellow

Maybe it’s just me, but I associate April with the color yellow. From daffodils and baby chicks to butter-colored paint and lemon-flavored desserts, the instant I even hear the word April, I’m all set to pull my yellow-hued spring decorations out of the closet, and my mouth invariably begins to pucker in anticipation of the … Read more


The sound of a cardboard box bounces off the porch. Sometimes it is in the form of an impossible to open plastic envelope. Depending on my level of obsession it can be a daily occurrence. The packages pour in from eBay, maybe occasionally Amazon, maybe, if I am feeling in my chips, Zappos. The diesel … Read more

Making good fences

I am lolling about in bed, wasting the day, mentally preparing, at around 2 in the afternoon, to get ready for work. My faithful phone, now an extension of my body, goes “ding,” indicating a text has been received. “I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news,” the upstairs neighbor thumbs, “but the … Read more

“Stash,” Part II

Last month, I had written about the need to let someone you trust implicitly know where you stash the jewelry you’re not wearing that day, because— well, because “you never know,” but there could be several aspects involved in carefully hiding your jewelry from prying eyes or unwelcome intruders that you should be aware of. … Read more

Numbers crunchers

Home renovation is not for the faint of heart. But let’s face it, it’s not for the faint of pocketbook either. If you live in Fairfield or Westchester county, you can pretty much be assured that almost all of your neighbors fall into the top 10% household income level of the U.S. population. If your … Read more

Winter “What ifs”

One problem with our long Northeast winter nights is that you may wind up with extra time on your hands. This can leave you thinking about all manner of things that you don’t normally consider—which may leave you with a bad case of the “What ifs.” These may fall along the lines of “What if … Read more

Winter chills

jewelry box

It is definitely getting cold out there, and although we’ve had a few bouts of “Indian Summer”, I think that it’s probably safe to put away your shorts & sandals at this point. Alas, poor summer—I knew it well. So it goes. Break out the sweaters and scarves. The cold weather should be a reminder of certain things that you … Read more


I am writing this column on a day in which the temperature is projected to reach 85 degrees. Up until today, it has been unseasonably and unreasonably cold. The winter, while unimpressive, has lingered for well into mid-May. Nevertheless, I took a chance this weekend, as things became verdant and I could venture out, midday, … Read more

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