Cold comfort

Thomas Edison. Benjamin Franklin. Marie Curie. Alexander Bell. Leonardo Da Vinci. Willis Carrier (who?). You’re probably familiar with the first five inventors on this list, but the sixth is one that may not ring too many bells. In fact, I’d never heard of Willis Carrier until, curious, I decided to find out who was responsible … Read more

The roll of a lifetime 

In 1989, two years after I graduated from college, I got a job as an editor for an interior design trade magazine. The focus of the publication was wallpaper, or “wallcoverings,” as it was referred to in those days. Homeowners at the time installed wallpaper, and very often, a coordinating border, on almost every wall, … Read more

Control crabgrass before it appears

Crabgrass is a common problem that appears in summer. According to Lowes, crabgrass plants produce thousands of seeds between midsummer and early fall. While the first frosts of late-fall or early winter kill the crabgrass plants, the seeds produced by the plants remain dormant throughout winter and then begin to grow as the ground temperature … Read more

Modern love

I have had a longtime love affair with history, beginning with my history minor in college and culminating with my historic home obsession. I spend a lot of time on Instagram and Pinterest looking at photos of old saltbox-, colonial- and farmhouse-style homes, beehive ovens, stone walls, exposed brick, fieldstone fireplaces, old barns, wide-plank wood … Read more

Flower power: Spring trends

Spring’s celebratory times are on the horizon. Flowers add a festive touch to any type of gathering, such as weddings, proms, graduations, Easter, and Mother’s Day. Local independent florists are anticipating this season with excitement as they embrace the new trends in florals, arrangements, and colors. “Expect prom season and wedding season to be coral … Read more

April 2019 Home Personality: “Mad for Mod”

218 Sleepy Hollow Road, New Canaan, Conn. $8,500,000 Inger Stringfellow and John Hersam William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty 203-321-9361 Our feature home of the month: The Wiley House, custom designed and built in the early 1950s, should be toured in person so as appreciate its uniqueness. Mimicking his own Glass House, renowned architect Philip Johnson designed this one-of-a-kind structure just a few years after creating … Read more

She’s out of control

Anyone who knows me even slightly can tell you how much I hate technology, particularly when it doesn’t work. Even as I write, I’m on hold with our TV service provider, trying to find out why the replacement remote control I ordered two weeks ago has yet to arrive. This is the fourth phone call I’ve … Read more

Giving your trees some TLC

Cold weather can take its toll on a property, especially in regions of the world where winters are harsh. Most parts of the landscape are vulnerable to damage from winter storms, but trees may be especially susceptible. By the end of winter, many homeowners wonder if their trees would benefit from some professional TLC. Tree … Read more

Modern pools have all the bells and whistles

This is not your grandma’s pool. While the typical backyard pool years ago was a plain rectangle — simple in form and look — today’s pool is sleek and usually custom-made. Shape choices are nearly limitless, and with options ranging from adjoined hot tubs to adding waterfalls and fountains and colorful lighting, the family pool … Read more

In or out? Decluttering your closet

Every spring I evaluate my closet, but tend to delay or organize only part of it. Finally, I’m making the commitment to declutter. Dr. Margarita Cossuto, owner of Living Organized in Norwalk, explains that clutter can be physically and emotionally draining. “Clutter simply takes up your energy and negatively impacts many areas of your life,” … Read more

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