Pick up sticks!

I probably wouldn’t describe our family as “outdoorsy.” While we do spend some time outside — my husband likes to run and take care of our yard and pool, and I love to walk our dog — we don’t camp, hike, bike ride, rock climb, or go white water rafting (although we did go kayaking … Read more

Ridgefield Guild of Artists launches Festive Home fundraiser

  The 12th annual Festive Home is in full swing at Ridgefield Guild of Artists, continuing Tuesdays through Sundays through Friday, Dec. 23. This year’s labor-of-love fund-raiser continues the annual holiday emporium tradition with the creativity of member artists and area designers. Rachel Belden, Josh Fischer, Molly Hirsch, Allison Meyler, Andrea Romeo and Rebecca Baglio … Read more

Christmas tree sale to benefit ALS Association

Stratford businessman Terry Blake began planting and nourishing Christmas trees at his Vermont vacation home as a hobby several years ago. “I enjoy spending weekends out in the quiet fields, clippers in hand, shaping the trees. It’s therapeutic,” Blake said. He continued, “This year I’ve got 75 trees that can be cut so I decided … Read more

On-the-go fashion, mom-style

Moms need effortless fashions when school’s in session to take them through jam-packed days. “Many moms combine work-at-home jobs with being a stay-at-home mom, so they’re constantly on the go and may run from drop-offs to meetings to pick ups, so they need a wardrobe that’s easy, functional, and stylish,” says Geri Corrigan, director of … Read more

The kindness bus

Maya Angelou once asked us to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud, but that’s harder than it looks. We’re all taught the importance of kindness when young but few manage to make it the focal point of our lives. As a result, kindness becomes a spice rather than the main course, something we try … Read more

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