Growing pains

By Lisa Sullivan | January 10, 2014

I subscribe to several home decorating magazines, partly because of the nature of my work, but mostly because I just love reading them. I’m constantly thinking about my home, and ways I can improve it. In a recent publication, the editor’s letter seemed to sum up my entire home improvement philosophy: “It feels like I’m … Read more

Buying a condo? Make sure your pets can come

By Barbara Altieri | January 10, 2014

If you are a pet owner and are interested in purchasing a condo, you should become familiar with the condo homeowners association rules and regulations which will state whether pets are allowed and if so, how many and what the restrictions are. The pet owners I know — myself included — treat their pet like … Read more

Plant ice resistant trees

By Lisa Sullivan | January 6, 2014

Winter storms that coat everything in layers of luminous ice leave a very beautiful but dangerous calling card. We know ice covered trees are susceptible to breakage from the added weight; but if you take a look around your yard, now do you know which of your trees are more likely to give in to … Read more

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