Traveling with jewelry

Summer is here in full swing — a time when many people travel on vacation, and expose their possessions to potentially risky situations without realizing that they are putting anything in danger. Unfortunately, they only learn of their miscalculation the hard way. Rest assured that there really are people who make the majority of their living … Read more

The great diamond debate

I recently followed an online discussion regarding the merits of diamonds, and this particular discussion revolved primarily around the falsehood and artificially created value of diamonds. One of the people posting to the thread pointed out that prices are controlled by the diamond syndicate, and without these controls, they’re just pretty rocks, and as such, are … Read more

Earring errors

  At one point or another, most women (and some of the men) in the U.S. wear earrings — although men tend to have only single earrings (either small hoops or plain studs), and generally have only one, which they wear daily.  Women, on the other hand, often have multiple pairs as well as single … Read more

Holiday happiness

If you are thinking about adding jewelry to your shopping list this holiday season, the concept most certainly has my full support, and I have several things that you may wish to consider. First, it’s an excellent idea. Jewelry (fine jewelry, as opposed to “costume”) may be used and enjoyed for many years, sometimes being passed on to the next generation in your family. Unlike most electronics,  jewelry … Read more

Fall color fashions

Actually, I’m not really big on fashions du jour when it comes to fine jewelry; the stuff is far too expensive to allow yourself to be dictated to by transient whims of elite fashion designers; these are in and out of style in the blink of an eye. Trends in jewelry are different, and generally … Read more


Originating in the late 1980’s, the term “Bling” (intended to evoke the “sound” of light hitting something shiny, especially valuables like silver, platinum, or diamonds) didn’t hit it’s peak until the late 1990’s, when it had soaked through from hip-hop into mainstream culture. First intended to describe shiny jewelry (especially diamond jewelry) that was somewhat over-the-top, … Read more

‘Worth it?’

Q:   How do I know if something is really worth getting repaired? A: Tough question. “Worth” in what way? The only good answer to the question would have be given on a case-by-case basis. From a strictly financial point of view, many people adhere to the 50% principle. If the cost to repair exceeds 50% … Read more

“Stash,” Part III

OK, once more—with feeling. Readers of this column will know that I’ve been talking about the need to hide whatever jewelry you are not wearing each day, not only from unwelcome intruders, but from the random “prying eyes” of repair people, housecleaners, or even your children’s (or grandchildren’s) friends. In order to do this successfully, … Read more

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